Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade With Dawgbones, a Philly Phan!: Jeff Kent Is Almost Certainly a Pedophile

My latest trade comes via Richard, who runs Dawgbones, a Philly Phan! Thankfully Richard collects a number of teams besides the Phillies, because the area of my trade box where Phillies cards resides is a dry county. Richard sent along a nice assortment of cards of guys I collect, as well as a pretty cool Adrian Beltre fathead from his Mariners days.

I'll highlight a handful of the great cards Richard sent, because without a scanner there's only so long I can spend taking pics and cropping them.

Jeff Kent: Certified Creeper

My first Peyton.

Finally, Richard had a question to ask me:

Thanks Richard, hope you enjoy the cards that are headed your way as I write this!


  1. Glad you liked them. You are the first trade to mention the "side-notes" on the packaging. I just try to mix thing up a bit when the moods strikes. and I'm glad to be rid of that Kent card, he kept staring at me!!!

  2. I laughed so hard when I read the package. Especially since I've been meaning for like 8 months to put a post up in regards to that very question. Complete with video and everything!

    And to think, kids could potentially open cereal and find a card like Kent's staring at them. The horror, indeed.

  3. Oh, and just to put the record straight, I was NEVER with the mariners!!

  4. Haha, that is why I'm not an English major.