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Monday, March 21, 2011

You Always Remember Your First Time: Zach Lee

I think this is the beginning of a new series of posts. A series that will randomly appear from time to time. And that first time is now.

Zach Lee's autographs were out of my price range when they first hit, and as badly as I wanted one I decided it was a more prudent option to wait and let the prices drop. And drop they most certainly did. After missing out on a few auctions, I finally found one with a price I was happy with and was able to lock it down for a grand total of $7.11 shipped (five and eleven pennies for the winning bid).

Lee's expression on the card is priceless. I feel like he's thinking to himself, "I can't believe the McCourts had over $5 million to throw my way. Good thing for them I was willing to accept it over five years".

Or something like that.


  1. $7.11 shipped? I swore off cards a long time ago, but at that price, I'd be tempted to pick one up for myself.

    That's a nice-looking piece of cardboard. Congrats on the pickup.

  2. Do it!

    Haha, and thanks for complementing Mr. Lee, he appreciates it.

  3. I've been waiting for the price to come down too. I think it's time to pick one up.

    Now if only the price on Jerry Sands autos could come down.

  4. It is indeed time DB. Oh, and check your e-mail tongiht, I'll be sending one your way.