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Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Is Why Penny Sleeves Were Created

The good news: this aesthetically-pleasing relic of Clayton cost a measly $1.15 shipped. Also, shipping itself was free.

The bad news: the top right-hand corner is now dinged up pretty badly.

I'm not sure if this happened when I removed it from the scotch-tape tomb it was encased in, or if it happened via the seller sending me the card. I think it was the former. The only reason it got dinged up was because the seller chose to not put the card in a penny sleeve. He simply placed it between two toploaders, then scotch-taped the entire thing about 15 million times. It was a pain to remove the card.

Oddly enough, I would normally expect free shipping to mean a plain white envelope, but the seller did use a bubble mailer. Honestly, I'd have preferred a PWE if it meant a penny sleeve was used. I guess I'm lucky that it was a simple relic that got damaged because of the failure to use a penny sleeve, and not a more important card that I talked about earlier which also came sans penny sleeve.

The lesson, which doesn't need to be said because it's pretty obvious by this point: always, always, always use a penny sleeve.

On a side note, it wasn't worth it to file a claim and try to recoup a buck, and the card is a PC card on top of it. So I gave the guy positive feedback and mentioned he should become acquainted - on a permanent basis - with penny sleeves.


  1. I want your eBay skills. Where do I even FIND game used cards for that cheap? Sorry about the corner, but that is a good price...

  2. Yuck, that's awful man. I used to send somewhat taped up, but always in a penny sleeve at the least, and usually a card in a sleeve in a loader sandwiched between two loaders. Super excessive and I've since cut down on the mess, but you gotta have a little protection!

  3. Ouch. I avoid ebay most of the time and this is one of the reasons.

    Trading with bloggers is a little safer. They really care about the cards.

    I have this card, too. Even with the corner, it's a great one.

  4. Julie- Haha, I probably spend too much time on eBay. Hell, it's not probably, it's definitely.

    Tim- I admire protection. It would, I imagine, be cheaper for the guy to just use penny sleeves and one toploader instead of two toploaders per card. Meh.

    Fellow Greg- Indeed. Topps does right with Heritage relics.

  5. Sorry, but you can never over-pack cards.
    I once received BOXED cards in sleeves with a section of them that were dinged along with the sleeves being dinged. It's as if the p.o. had slammed the edge of the box on something.