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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Former Canadian Battery

A new Russell Martin for my ever-growing Russ PC, and my first auto of the best closer in Dodgers' history. The Martin was a local shop pick-up, and the Gagne comes from eBay.

Though some consider Gagne autos to be of the worthless variety, I fall into the camp that sees the other side, the beauty of a Gagne sig. I've been semi-looking for a reasonably priced Gagne auto for a while, and it checks in at $5.50 shipped. The short-printedness is just icing on the cake.


The Gagne is just all kinds of awesome. I love the design. Love love love. Upper Deck put out some really stunning cards once upon a time. And almost all of his John Hancock made it onto the sticker, as just a tiny bit of the loop is cut off right above where it says "Dodgers".


  1. Ooooh, and an all-Montreal battery at that, très bien!

  2. Tremendous card, tremendous reliever.