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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Box Break: 2005 Just Minors Dual Signatures

3 autographs for 13 bucks?


With the chance at some really awesome minor league autos of some great players?

Double Yes.

And one of those autos is an 8x10?

Triple Yes.

Dave and Adam's Card World had these boxes of 2005 Just Minors Dual Signatures for about $20, and when the prices dropped to $13 and change, I jumped and snagged two. I figured it would be something completely different, and there was a lot of reward to be had if I got lucky.

The product description, from D&A:
Dual Signatures 2005 contains 1 randomly autographed 8x10 photo and 2 packs of Just Autographs 2005, which has 1 autograph card per pack meaning that each box will have 3 total autographs. Look for 8x10 signatures of top superstars such as Hanley Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Carl Crawford, AJ Burnett, Joe Mauer, Tim Hudson, Grady Sizemore, Miguel Cabrera, Alfonso Soriano and many more.

Also look for randomly inserted Dual Signature cards 1 per 6 boxes. These Dual Signature cards are extremely rare and serial-numbered to 25 (Silver Version) or 10 (Gold Version).
Here's how I did with my first box. The second box will be busted and posted on Sunday.

39/50, black parallel

Matt Durkin, K.C. Herren

I also pulled a Brad Eldred Silver Edition #'d 139/200.

Everything is available, so if you see something you like, let me know.


  1. Did you end up with base cards:

    15 Manny Delcarmon and 37 Willy Mota?

  2. I did pull a Delcarmon, but it's # 12, not 15. I shall set it aside for you, if you want it.