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Friday, June 24, 2011

From Koufax To Konerko To Kemp


Played his entire career with the Dodgers before retiring at just 30 due to injury.

Traded at just 22-years-old for Jeff Shaw? Yeah. That happened. But James Loney gets every damn chance in the world.

On a side/related note, I want every card of Konerko in a Dodger uniform, particularly if he's shown in catching gear. I think I have two or three now.

Just 26 years old. Better get a long-term contract, as of like yesterday. DO IT Ned Colletti. You'll still be a horrible General Manager, but we won't riot like Vancouver and kill you.


  1. I made the same "I want every Konerko Dodger card" statement a couple years back, thinking there were maybe 12.

    I now have 59.

    The '90s were insane.

  2. Oyyyy.

    Yeah, I revise my statement. I'll take like Konerko's first year or two cards, particularly any that picture him catching.

    Thank god I was just a kid during the 90s.

  3. I love the Koufax/Podres card. Those may be my two favorite old time Doyers. Also, if Kemp, Kershaw, and Ethier leave because of McCourt/Colletti ineptitude. I may throw a rock throw both of there windows. If a riot insues then a riot insues. just saying...

  4. I'm down to trade Dre for as much as possible now, considering the outfield depth we have in the minors, and his inability to hit lefties and field.

    But yeah.

    I'm always down for a Colletti-inspired riot.