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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mike Piazza, I Can See Right Through You!

I picked up this Piazza 90s insert from eBay - where else - a couple of months ago. It's not easily photographed, hence my fat fingers being in the below picture. It comes from 1994 Leaf Slideshow, and when held to light, is see-through. I took a video, but it was pretty damn terrible. So it was deleted rather quickly. Not bad for like a buck forty-nine.

Next, a Russell Westbrook relic I picked up for 99 cents months ago. Never got around to posting it. Here it is now. It becomes my fourth Westbrook relic. I assume him being pictured in his UCLA regalia means the swatch came from said UCLA jersey. Which is just awesome, of course.

Now, we move to something completely different. I urge you all to check out this great new blog that features original sports-related art, 7th Inning Sketch. It's run by Gary Finkler. Here's his take on Frank McCourt.


  1. Back in 1994, those Piazzas were $10 - $20 cards if I remember correctly. You'd pull 2 of the 5 out of a box (if I remember correctly) which made it a fairly easy set to complete so lots of people chased it. Those cards were extremely popular. I think I have the first series set, but never finished the white bordered series 2 set.

  2. $10-$20? Damn. I'm even more happy about the price I got it for. I think it books for about $10 now too.

    I can see why they were popular. They're pretty cool.

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