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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contest Bonus Question #1: How Much Was This 1953 Topps Roy Campanella?

As I mentioned in the Contest post (a contest which you fan still enter if you have not yet, by the way), there would be an opportunity to earn a bonus entry or two or three or however many posts I want feedback on. It's simple. Simple as answering this question.

How much was this card? I contemplated giving a hint that would only marginally aid you in your guessing, but then I figured what the hell, I'm giving you all a point/entry regardless as long as you answer the question, so no hint for you!

1953 Topps Roy Campanella

It's off-center, has soft corners, and Campy has a milk mustache. But it's a '53 Campy for heaven's sake. And that's plenty good enough for me. I love everything about this card, from Campy's big grin to the Brooklyn B just visible on his cap.

I'm beyond pleased to add this card to my collection (and my semi-budding Roy Campanella PC (!), which will eventually get a post of its own), and I've been sitting on it for weeks and weeks, waiting to post it.

Well, wait no longer. You will have until I post part deux of this "mini-series" - if you will - to give me your answer to this question and earn yourself that bonus entry. A post in the next day or so will detail how I came to own this card and the price I paid for it. So when that post is posted, the entries for your first bonus point will cease and desist.

And just to specify, I want you to give me THE TOTAL PRICE you believe this card ran me. Not the before tax or before shipping charges price, but the entirety of how much money I spent on it. Your guess can be a nice round number or be as specific as including dollars and cents.

Oh, and if someone guesses correctly (or someones, as you are allowed to repeat a guess that someone else made), I'll give you an extra three bonus entries. That would be one for simply guessing and two for guessing correctly.

Who knows, if I'm feeling happy and generous and you're the only close one, I might let you fall in the middle and get two entries. No promises though.

So, let the guessing begin.


  1. $29.01! What a steal! I guess.

  2. If it was what I would expect, you wouldn't be asking. I'll say $25.

  3. I tried really hard to form an opinion before reading everyone else's guess, so I'll stick to my (low?) guess. About 9.99 + 4 shipping so I'll say:



  4. $22.86

    I love picking up beat-up cards. This one has exceptional milk-mustachioed flair. Nice work.

  5. Either not enough or too much.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I'm going with the year that I was born


  8. You guys are too funny.

    And Scott, while you technically didn't guess a number and instead went with the Michael Wilbon "Push" Special, I'll still give you an extra point.

    Just because you're a swell guy.

  9. The magical price had to be $7.77. Am I the next contestestant on contestants row??

  10. Bonus # 1 has officially closed. New post to come shortly.

  11. New post up top with the answer to this here Bonus Question.