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Friday, July 1, 2011

Contest? Contest.

This is the first contest I've held. Let's make it memorable, no? And a special thanks, first and foremost, to Too Many Grandersons, who, as my 50th follower a while back, made it the right time for me to hold this contest.

Granted, that was like, a month plus ago. But still. I appreciate it nonetheless.

I only ask simple things for those of you who wish to join the contest and take a shot at winning free stuff. Because really, who doesn't like free stuff?

First, I ask that you use the follow function Blogger provides and follow the blog, and publicly at that so I know you are following and can work towards awarding you an entry into the contest (it'll make so much more sense soon, I promise). And yes, I expect you to hang on my every word in the future. I know some of you have already completed this step. Congrats.

(As an aside, if you are publicly following, I can click on your blogger profile, view it, and see my blog's name on the list of blogs you follow.)

Here's the soon: just following won't get you an entry. You need to be publicly following and leave a comment on this post. The comment can be anything. I will just assume that if you do in fact comment, you want in. Simple? Simple.

You can earn a second entry. Post something on your blog letting your readers know about this contest. Then, leave a comment letting me know you've done this with a link to your post.

So, you have the chance to gain up to two entries into the contest. Just to recap: comment and follow for an entry, and if you want to play pimp and promote the contest, leave a link and earn entry part deux.

I've been fiddling with Random.org, so once the entry period ends I'll enter everyone and any extra entries from posting about this here contest. The ordering will be as such: I'll list everyone in the order they commented. If you promote, your name goes down twice in the order of your original comment.

I'll random the names off three times.

First and second place will both be winners.

And now, the moment some of you have been calmly waiting for: the prizes.


1911 John Player & Sons Ceremonial & Court Dress

Part of a 13-card lot I picked up via the Bay. There are only 25 cards in this set, and as tempting as it is to finish it off, I'd rather spread the random non-sports vintage joy.

1954 Red Man Monte Irvin, sans tab

1949 Leaf Frank Overmire,
clearly loved by a previous owner

The prize distribution between the two winners will work as follows: whomever the randomizer selects as the winner will get their pick between the Irvin and the Overmire. The card not selected goes to number two. Then, whoever was in second will get their pick of the two tobacco-era cards, with the other going to the triumphal winner. Then, the winner gets to pick the scrub auto of their choice.

Simple? I hope so, but if you have any questions or need some clarification, don't be afraid to ask.

The numbering on the Salcido will be different, as I have two, and the one I'm shooing away is not the one pictured.

So there you have it. An easy contest with one or two steps, depending on your preference. Of course, I prefer you complete both steps, for obvious reasons. When the contest ends, I'll count up the entries, double-check them, and run them through Random.org to find out who the lucky winners are. I'll either screenshot the results or make a video.

Oh, and no anonymous profiles please. I'll need to e-mail the winners and know who they are, so if you want in, use an account that at the least has an e-mail address or link to your blog, if you happen to have a blog.

Good luck to all.

Oh, and there will perhaps definitely maybe be a bonus question - or two, or three - over the next week that could earn extra entries. So yeah. Keep your eyes open. The bonus question(s) will be clearly marked as such. Something like "Bonus Question # Whatever". I'd recommend, at the least, checking the blog before you call it a night. Or you can check it every second of every day.

I like that second option.

(The contest will end, say, after the final bonus question is up for a day. I'll figure it out.)

(If anyone wants any of my Trade Bait, let me know and we can work out a deal. I bring this up simply because much of the bait has been sitting there unclaimed forever. Hence why two scrub autos are part of the prize packages.)


  1. We aren't having "sweater" weather here in Dallas, but I'll enter. Thanks!

    blog pub:


  2. Salted and buttered popcorn is the perfect anytime snack.

    That is a comment.



  3. Dang. My Android tablet will not let me subscribe to the feed. Now I have to turn on a computer. It's worth it. I want one of the cool cards.

  4. Outside of a dog, the book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read! ~ Groucho Marx

  5. pimped:


  6. I'm always down for some free goodies. I don't have anything that old in my collection.

    plugged here:

    I am heading out on vacation tonight but when I return we can talk about a trade, I see some stuff on your bait page that looks fun.

  7. Consider yourself pimped out:

    Thanks for the contest

  8. Commented!

    And already following!

    I'll be in and out of internet...our new place doesn't have it yet because the last jackwagon there took his router but never cancelled his service. He's been paying it (still) for an additional two months now...gotta be freakin' kidding me right?

    Anywho, so if I miss a bonus ? or two that's why! lol.

  9. "I'll moider da bum."
    - Heavyweight boxer Tony Galento, when asked what he thought of William Shakespeare

    Comment left, check.

  10. I likey! I follow, comment and pimp...


  11. Cake AND buttered popcorn. The popcorn is whole grain, though, so it's cool.

    Great contest......

  12. Following and plugged:


    That Overmire card is awesome and wants to come home with me.

  13. I've been reading forever but I guess I wasn't following! I didn't see the follow function at the bottom...following now officially!

    State Trooper: Pullover!
    Harry: No, it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing!
    Lloyd: Yeah, killer boots man!

    Oh, and contest shout out here:

  14. I'm finally following now that I found it at the very very bottom.

  15. I'm in.

    And I will publicize probably Sunday since everyone is now.

  16. Hey there Greg... how can i resist... i gotta play along in the contest... heck, i've been considering putting together a contest also... oh, btw, i'll put something up on my blog later today... cheers!

  17. Hell I love these easy contests. I"m in and of course I've been following forever, I think it might be time for another trade soon Greg! Oh and I'll have the contest pimp over at the Crack put the word out for you.

  18. Here's the issue.

    1. I don't use Blogger. Word Press baby! Word Press!
    2. I use Google Reader to read my blogs.

    So now what?

  19. Contest Time! Please put your boy, Spiegel down in this contest. Those vintage goodies look sweet!

  20. I'm in and already following :)

  21. Count me in--i'm a follower and plugger


  22. I am now following publicly and I have posted a link to your contest on my blog. You can find me @ http://treysastros.blogspot.com/.

    I also have a contest so feel free to enter over there if you want.

  23. I never really thought about the WordPress issue. Well, I'm nothing if not a lenient sob.

    So if you can follow, please do so. If you can't (because you use WordPress or something similar, not because of our good friend laziness haha), I can make an exception. Just be sure to pick up some bonus points, and I'll call it square.


  24. I am a follower, hell I even drank the kool-aid... but I pimped your contest too:


  25. Count me in on this one.


  26. I tried to come up with something clever to say, but I'm at a loss. Plug coming at noon @ http://just-in-justinsworld.blogspot.com/

  27. I'll ante.


  28. More publicity for you my friend.


  29. Here is a link to my pimpage:

  30. Count me in !


  31. I followed the blog and here's my comment. The ad for this contest will be on my Giants blog in a few hours. :) That Monte Irvin card looks great!

  32. http://agiantblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/contest.html (link to the contest pimpage on my blog)

  33. Following and shout-out here:



  34. Heya! I'm following, commenting, and plugging! Thanks for the 'test!

  35. Following and publicized here:


    Thanks for the contest!

  36. beat the mets this week and it's all good.

  37. I'm late to the party, but I'm in. Followed you a while ago, I think. If I get a chance, I'll post about teh contestness on my site, and I just made a wager about that '53 Campy. (Stay tuned for my Campy of the weekend, by the way...)

  38. This post had a lovely Robinsonesque 42 comments on it, which I have now loused up.


  39. I have no blog, but here's a comment anyway! Entered?

  40. Yes Jeff, you are entered.

    I will need an e-mail address from you if you win though, so if you could make your Blogger profile available and link up an e-mail address, I'd appreciate it!

  41. http://jaybarkerfan.blogspot.com/2011/07/contests-are-fun-check-out-another.html

    Here's the pimpage

  42. i am totally late for this one, but what the hey, i followed and i commented.

  43. Better late than never haha. And there will still be a couple more bonus questions, so you can earn more entries.

    And if you were to say pimp the contest on APTBNL, I would not object. And you'd earn another entry.


  44. Count me in, Bub. Not sure why I wasn't following the blog before, but alas, I am now (officially, at least).

  45. can i still have in? i found this site today and im hooked!

  46. Oh oh oh i want in on the contest too

  47. Yes Raul #18, you most certainly CAN still get in. Thanks for the follow!

    And thanks to you as well dominicfdny!