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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Do Ryan Getzlaf, Jason Heyward, and Corey Perry Have In Common?





  1. Hm. They're all birthday presents? They all sent you birthday cards? How cool would it be for Jason Heyward to show up at your birthday party?

  2. They have never been in your kitchen?

  3. they will all have more championships than LeBron?

  4. I checked in to the Google machine and have determined that they all have cards that have appeared in this post. Other then that, yea... I got nothing.

  5. They're all numbered, of course! But really, I just had no other way to tie them together than including them in a post.

    Ryan G.- Nope, bought 'em with my own dollars and cents. And yes, Jason Heyward at my b-day party would be awesome.

    Dan- Correct, you are. Never in my kitchen. Not even for a second.

    CC- Well, I firmly believe LeBron will be a part of at least a couple. Getz and Perry already have been a part of one championship team. So momentarily, they've been on better teams than he has.

    Corky- Quite astute, my good man.