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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First 1952 Topps Card and Four Other Vintage Beauties Were How Much?

As many of you know, I am a huge Al Rosen collector. Two cards, however, have been alluding me for quite some time, and both were produced in the same year: 1952, oh what a glorious year it was. I had yet to procure Mr. Rosen's Topps or Bowman offering from that year, and after a long hiatus - well, long for me - from eBay frolicking, I decided to take a shot at knocking off one of them for a reasonable price. Condition was not an issue, so off I went.

This is what I returned with. I absolutely, positively, unquestioningly love this card. And then comes the beauty of eBay: many sellers offer excellent discounts on shipping. And where there's vintage smoke, there is often vintage fire.

For a measly fifty cents or so more (less than three bucks to ship in total), I was able to tack on these four vintage pieces of cardboard. A distinctly Dodger theme will follow. And then not follow. But mostly follow.

My fourth Dodger from this set (joining Campy, Podres, and Don Hoak), and the second vintage Furillo I own. I really, really, really adore 1955 Bowman. Enough to use the word adore on a card blog.

A Roseboro rookie card! My third vintage Johnny. The first vintage card I ever owned was the first of the Roseboros. 1962 Topps. Both excellent cards.

Cheap and a vintage Dodger. So yes, it was easy to bid on this. My first vintage Clem. Granted, I think of this when I think of Clem. But still.

Does your mother sew? Boom!

And finally, a super duper easy purchase considering the price and the player, and this being my first vintage-y piece of goodness of him.

So, these five cards, all from the same seller on the Bay, ran me about how much, would you say?


  1. I'm gonna say $25.

    Love the Rosen '52, by the way!

  2. I'm going to go crazy low and say $15.

  3. Mmmhm....keep them guesses comin'!

  4. You are the Al Rosen super collector of LA. Nice purchases,buddy!

  5. Someone is oh so very close that I'll just call him the winner (winner of my respect)....Ted!

    $8.96 delivered:

    Shipping - $2.99
    Rosen - $1.75
    Yaz - $1.25
    Roseboro - $0.99
    Furillo - $0.99
    Labine - $0.99

  6. Now that is stealing! Kidding, great finds!