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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ryan Getzlaf, Philip Rivers, and Claude Giroux

A cheap Ryan Getzlaf relic from his rookie year? Yes please. The sweet thing below marks the third or so of these photo shoot relics I possess, and again, at least Upper Deck is honest about it on the back.

What sold me on this particular card is the colorful swatch, which also has some sort of seam running across the middle from the top left to the bottom right, give or take a few inches.

Next up, a shiny Philip Rivers rookie year card. For a buck sixty. Free shipping. Awesome.

Notice, however, that I did not say rookie card. This is like the little brother to Rivers' actual rookie card from 2004 Topps Chrome. But it's still a rookie year card, which I like very much.

Finally, Claude Giroux is one of my favorite non-Ducks, and this cheap relic #'d 015/250 was a nice pickup from my wonderful LCS.


  1. Very nice. I wish I was in to hockey more, there is some great stuff out there. Oh and I got you package I'll have a trade post up sometime in the next few days.

  2. Yeah, there are few things more awesome than a sweet hockey patch haha. And glad the cards arrived, thanks again for the great trade!