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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Ten Dollar Lot Of Cards Purchased At Two In The Morning In A Metro PCS Parking Lot

I picked up 31 cards for ten bucks off of a guy in line behind me at the Matt Kemp signing I recently went to. I've listed the book value beside each card out of curiosity alone, since book value is what the cavemen used. I wanted to see how theoretically good of a deal I got, since in reality I was already very pleased with my late-night purchase. There's a pretty solid joke in there somewhere. Make that two now.

Anyhoo, my eye for cards is apparently still solid even at 2ish in the morning, in the midst of 27.5 straight hours without sleep.


Everything in bold is a keeper. Some are being kept simply to eventually trade away, and for some of those I already have particular trading partners in mind. But as always, don't hesitate to inquire about a card, even if it's bolded. I can almost always be swayed, depending on what the card is and what's being offered in return.

Chase Utley 2002 Bowman (BV: 2.50)
Mark Teixeira 2002 Bowman (BV: 1.50)
Jason Bay 2002 Bowman RC (BV: 5.00)
Roy Oswalt 2002 Bowman Gold (BV: 1.00)
Chone Figgins 2002 Bowman Heritage RC (BV: 1.50)
Jose Bautista 2002 Bowman Heritage RC (BV: 8.00)
Jason Bay 2002 Bowman Heritage RC (BV: 5.00)
Ichiro 2002 Bowman Heritage (BV: 2.00)
Kevin Youkilis 2003 Bowman 1st Year (BV: 3.00)

Gerrit Cole 2010 Bowman Platinum (BV: 5.00)
Jeremy Hellickson 2010 Bowman Platinum (BV: 4.00)
Mike Moustakas 2010 Bowman Platinum (BV: 3.00)
Randall Delgado 2010 Bowman Chrome (BV: 4.00)
Slade Heathcott 2010 Bowman Chrome (BV: 2.50)
Hunter Pence 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects RC (BV: 3.00)
Matt Joyce 2006 Bowman Chrome (BV: 5.00)
Bronson Arroyo 1998 Bowman Chrome (BV: 4.00)

Alex Gordon 2006 Bowman (BV: 1.25) [Almost hit it big. Almost....]
Justin Upton 2007 Bowman Draft Future's Gold (BV: 4.00)
Jacoby Ellsbury 2007 Bowman Draft Future's Gold (BV: 4.00)
Roy Halladay 1999 Topps (BV: 0.50)
Josh Hamilton 2000 Bowman (BV: 1.50)
Brandon Phillips 2000 Bowman RC (BV: 1.50)
Joe Mauer 2004 Bowman 1st Edition (BV: 1.50)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh 2001 Bowman RC (BV: 1.50)

Amare Stoudemire 2002 Topps RC (BV: 5.00)
Mike Piazza 1999 UD Power Rally (BV: 3.00)
Ben Sheets 2000 UD Pros & Prospects RC 0080/1600 (BV: 10.00)
Vlad Guerrero 2000 Topps Finest Refractor 103/499 (BV: 15.00)
Vlad Guerrero 2001 Donruss Longball Leaders 0624/1000 (BV: 8.00)
Aubrey Huff 2011 Topps Black Border /60, #'d 2/60 (BV: 15.00)

Cumulative Book Value, a.k.a. all that we ever need to refer to because it's the only possible way to complete a fair trade: $131.75

I snagged two of the Amares, but handed one to Jesse of LA Inspiration after he had just handed me the Cole. I told him I'd hit him back; I just had no idea how quickly it would be. A quick and fun trade.

Sam from The Daily Dimwit has first dibs on the Pence and Oswalt, if he needs either or both, as we're working on a trade and I'm a bit short at the moment.

Anyways, it was a fun two hours looking through the guy's box of cards, and Jesse beat me to a number of awesome cards I would have swiped up faster than you can say any word of your choosing. Check out what he picked up here.

Drop me a line in the comments if you see something you want.

Oh, and Happy 43rd Birthday to the aforementioned Mike Piazza!


  1. You did well.

    Why did I fall asleep?

  2. Bowman had a 1st Edition?!

    Consider me interested in the Mauer

  3. This makes me even sadder that I missed this signing. Please set the Ichiro Bowman Heritage aside for me. Thanks!

  4. DB- Well, sleep was probably a good idea haha.

    Rhubarb- It's yours. We can include it in the trade we're working on.

    Spiegel- It's set aside for you. Also, cards are on their way to you. Went out Saturday. The bubbler got some damage from my stupidity, but it should be fine nevertheless.

  5. Good stuff, both of us got some awesome deals.

    Thanks for the trade haha

  6. Jesse- Indeed, thanks for the Cole! Haha, next time we'll just buy the whole box and split it :)