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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Of The Most Dominant Pitchers Of The Last Twenty Years

A couple of random eBay pickups, from the same seller. Who decided not to use penny sleeves and sent me a dual relic of two great, great players sandwiched between two toploaders. Yes, that's exactly the kind of service I wanted when I gave you my money.

First up, the aforementioned dual relic, which I apparently won in a small bidding war with Tim from TGSNHOF. Sorry buddy! If it makes you feel better, I've had some cards set aside for you for quite some time for a future trade. I think you'll like 'em!

Anyways, the card pictured above. I've long wanted a relic of Pedro, a former Dodger and all-around BEAST on the mound. Too bad he won't be going into the Hall Of Fame with a Dodgers cap on.


Also, I'm a huge Johan Santana fan, so this relic was an even easier purchase for me to make, particularly when it checked in at a paltry $1.55.

Next up, a cool looking semi-die-cut card of Roger Clemens. When I won the auction - at $1.53 - I fully thought it was die-cit in the truest sense of the term. It's still cool though, and makes for a funny look at Book Value, that glorious of things. This card has a BV of thirty bucks. COMC has it for twelve bucks. That's why I love eBay.

Combined shipping never hurts, either.

Especially when combined is free for all three cards I purchased from this seller. Which might explain his lackadaisical approach to shipping these cards sans the all-important penny sleeve.

Of course, it was his decision to ship them for free. He should still value his merchandise and customers, in the hopes of those customers being of the return variety, and use all of the tools at his disposal to safely ship the stuff he ships.

In an ideal world....