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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trade With The Diamond King: 1992 Bowman Mike Piazza Rookie Card!

Kevin from The Diamond King put out the call for any takers on some card show bait he picked up. I had been checking in on his for-trade acquisitions, but nothing was jumping out at me. That very quickly changed when this beauty popped up on my computer screen. Needless to say, my eyes lit up and I typed up my plea for the card quicker than my arthritic fingers have ever typed anything before.

It was basically Hanukkah in August. Which makes Kevin the Jewish equivalent to Santa. Moses?


Much to my delight, I was the first to lay claim to the card. Kevin, a generous chap if I've ever seen one, said I could send him whatever I thought was fair. I was fortunately able to knock off two players he was in search of relics from - Davey Lopes and Dale Murphy - and also sent along a Danny Manning relic from my Trade Bait that caught his eye. I threw in some Expos, Diamond Kings (but of course) and an aged item to seal the deal, and I finally have one of the cards I've been in search of forever.

I absolutely adore this card. Piazza was my favorite player growing up, and will forever be a favorite of mine. After acquiring my previous White Whale some time ago, this card moved from number two on my Most Wanted List to the top spot. And now, after months and months of desiring to own this bad boy, I can finally say I own the classic rookie card of one of the greatest catchers to ever lace 'em up.

This glorious Piazza is in flawless condition. Four razor sharp corners, clean edges, and great centering. I'm not a send in my grades to get 'em graded guy, but this is oh so tempting. I'm definitely getting it graded eventually, it's just a matter of when and through which company. I'm leaning towards Beckett at the moment simply because I like that they break down the sub-grades, and this card just screams "show me the 10s!". Fresh penny sleeve, magnetic, graded team bag. Forever!

Well, forever as it stands presently, until the day it gets graded.

A huge, massive, ginormous thank you goes out to Kevin for hooking me up with this pretty little thing. I hope to trade again!


  1. congrats... very nice card... it's one i've yet to add to my collection

  2. You wouldn't have been the first if I didn't have the card already :)


    Oh, who am I kidding, you probably would've anyway.

  3. Always a thrill to pick up a "most wanted". Congrats.

  4. The Diamond King sent me one of those also. I am going to post about it this weekend. The 1992 Bowman Piazza has been a card that I have been after since the 90s. Let me know if your sending yours in to get graded.

  5. Ernest- Thanks, hope you can score one too!

    Owl-y Card Godfather- Haha, I was shocked I was the first. The post had been up for like an hour before I read it. Better to be lucky than good sometimes =)

    Hackenbush- Thanks!

    Spiegel- Nice, glad you got one too! I want it slabbed, just not sure when I'll do it. I've never sent a card in before.