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Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Allen & Ginter Glossy Edition: Who Else But Russell Martin?

If you're wondering why I scanned the back of an Allen & Ginter base card, look no further than the serial numbering you see before you. Numbered 771/999, this is the order-from-Topps-only glossy edition of Russell Martin's 2011 Ginter base card. Factory edition probably would have been easier and quicker to type.

Anyhoo, I saw that Topps had produced a glossy set, and knew I would not be dropping the c-note required to pick up said set. Hell, I'm still working on the base set - including short prints - from 2011 A&G's regular old-timey feeling older brother. But for about the price of a pack, eBay was able to lend a helping hand.

The glossy aspect doesn't come across in the scan, but once I held the card in my hand, it was evident both in terms of feel and look. I must give Topps credit here; these glossy cards are pretty darn cool. I have no interest in any of the other glossies beyond the Kemp and Kershaw ones, and therein lies the one peril to being a player collector: there are so many iterations of just about every card nowadays, it becomes a hassle sometimes to build up a PC. But a really fun hassle, so I can live with it. Although I'm really a glutton for punishment by having three major player collections....but hey, this is a pretty sweet and most certainly a quirky addition to my Martin Collection. Onwards I go to snag more Martins.

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