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Monday, October 10, 2011

Matt Kemp Had A Titanic Season In His Dodger Threads

Topps Marquee is well out of range in terms of what I would consider busting. But, when an affordable hit from one of my guys pops up, I'll grab it. Hence, the newest addition to my Matt Kemp PC.

#'d 67/99, it's from the subset Titanic Threads, which I really like. As you can also clearly see, there are three creases on the right side of the relic border. I'm fairly positive my idiotic self accidentally did this as I was attempting to remove the blocker card the seller heavily taped to the toploader. Thankfully, I think I'll be able to grab another rather cheaply in the future. Have any of you ever accidentally damaged a card as I foolishly did?

My favorite part of the card, by far, is the picture of Kemp in those beautiful throwback Brooklyn uniforms - and with his Rick Ross beard - in full Bison Mode. I can only imagine he's yelling at Juan Uribe to not be so damn atrocious, and to do something, anything, other than make an out.


  1. I've bent a card trying to shove it into a toploader before. It was a jumbo box topper and it was just a littttle too thick and about halfway through I bent it a bit. Oh well.

  2. Sure did. A thick relic packed into a top loader that was a bit too skinny when delivered from Ebay. I finally pulled out an exacto knife to cut the loader, which worked, but in the process I bent the top right corner of the card and left a huge crease.

  3. Hey I just FYI I set aside that Kemp manu-glove for you.

  4. Joe/Tim- Yeah, it's not a good feeling at all. Such is life.

    Mark- Thanks so much!