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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mike Piazza and Russell Martin, Together At Last.

Oh. Damn. I could probably stop there and leave it at that. But this card is so awesome I feel I need to come up with something to say. Beyond that this bad boy was had for just 99 cents plus $2.75 to ship it my way.

Mike Piazza: my favorite player growing up, a future Hall of Famer. One of the greatest catchers of all-time, and the greatest offensive catcher of all-time. A relic of just Mike is enough to put a smile on my face. But as they say, it does in fact get better.

Upper Deck - and what other choice did they have, really (aside from Campy, and I wouldn't be shocked if a Campy/Mikey existed) - went and added one of the three guys whom encompass the heart of my collection to the catching mix that this beauty is repping. It easily sealed the deal. Russell Martin is the sweet, sweet icing on the card cake. I first saw this card a while back over at Night Owl Cards, as my fellow Greg succeeding in making me insanely envious of him (not that I already wasn't, mind you, since his blog is epic in every way possible).

The only thing that could make this card better than it already is would be knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that both pieces of jersey were from Dodger road uniforms.

And they might be.

I hope they are.

I'll just tell myself they are.


  1. They are. I just know.

    And Piazza's really wearing a Dodgers cap. Just a trick of the lighting there.

    Great card, anyway. I agree.

  2. I like your tags. Anytime I get a new Piazza relic now, I'm gonna say "America-Fuck yeah!"

  3. Haha, excellent Joe! Glad I could contribute. And one shall soon be on its way!