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Friday, November 4, 2011

BOBBY! BOBBY! BOBBY! Plus Saku Koivu. More Cheap Anaheim Ducks Pickups.

Bobby Ryan is my second favorite hockey player. I could not bring myself to pass up an auto of his with no bids and a 99 cent opening price.

And I didn't. So, for that 99 cents plus shipping, I picked up my fifth Bobby autograph. Speaking of cheap Ducks pickups, I saw this at my LCS a while back but didn't pull the trigger. It was still waiting for me months later, and for a buck it's now mine.

My first Koivu relic, and it's not only #'d 055/100, but also has a pair of faint horizontal lines of stitching and a fair amount of schmutz. Koivu's been solid as Anaheim's second-line center with his Finnish running mate by his side, and his story is one of perseverance and a strong will to bounce back. Mad respect for Saku.

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