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Friday, November 25, 2011

Clayton Kershaw and Jay Bruce Present Those Contest Answers Some of You Have Been Waiting For!

The contest is officially closed! Anyways, apparently I've become predictable, because far more people guessed low than I assumed would.

So, how much was that pair of sweet 2009 A&G autos - featuring Cy Young Winner Clayton Kershaw and Reds star Jay Bruce? Well, let me first say I grabbed 'em as a lot on eBay. The cards were listed decently, with the correct player names and spelling, and "autograph" in the title. There was no mention, however, of Allen & Ginter, but conversely the picture the seller used was quite good. All in all, I got lucky to score them for such a tremendous price. My reaction was something along the lines of what you see below.

Anyways, as I said, a lot of people went low, which was a smart move, because $15.83 delivered ($13.83 winning bid) was the correct answer. A few people also went really, really low, and perhaps thought I was only asking for the price of Clayton, and not Jay as well. Those people need not fear, however, because since nobody guessed the exact amount, the randomizer comes into play and everyone has the opportunity to win. Here's how we stand, entry wise:


Reds Card Collector
Mark E.
Adam C.
The Diamond King
Night Owl
The Lost Collector
Cam H.
Eric L.
Justin M.
Cam C.
Sam P.
Stealing Home
Matt (Tenets of Wilson)
Josh D.
Captain Canuck
Matt Pederson
Chris R.
Section 36

Pimped The Contest:

Stealing Home

Guess Was Within Two Dollars ($13.83-$17.83):

Reds Card Collector
Mark E.
Cam C.

So, just to reiterate, everyone gets an entry for guessing, the three gentlemen who pimped get an extra entry, and the four guesses that were within the range above will earn Jesse, RCC, Mark, and Cam C. another entry for their efforts. If you feel I've made a mistake with my tabulations, don't hesitate to comment away.

I'm off to see the Ducks game and - in all likelihood - watch them play like shit and get run over by the Blackhawks. Well, at least I have a successful trip to Sonic to look forward to. I'll enter everyone in the appropriate quantities into good old Random.org this weekend and have the results up within a few days. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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