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Monday, November 21, 2011

Trade With The Adventures of Napkin Doon: A Pair of Clean Evan Longoria and Jered Weaver Swatches Makes For A Dirtbags-Tastic Mailday!

I completed my second trade with the ultra mysterious Doon from The Adventures of Napkin Doon. Doon always finds amazing cards at his local card shop's auctions, and I swoop in to deal for 'em. It's a simple process, and Doon is an excellent middleman. In exchange for a pair of relics and an auto, Nap sent these beauties my way.

Some sort of parallel - I've stopped trying to figure out color schemes, but I'm guessing some hue of red here - #'d 23/36. It's my nicest Longo to date, and I do love me some Triple Threads.

Nap added another Jered Weaver relic to my collection, and I really dig these Lineage '75 Mini relics. Very well done, and kudos to Topps. Both of these new additions to my Long Beach State Dirtbags PC can be found in the Beach tab at the top of the blog. A quick shout-out to the Long Beach State 49ers basketball team for heading east and beating Pitt last week! Oh, and don't forget to enter my contest!

Thanks for another sweet trade Doon!

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