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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Chad Billingsley PC

I'm an unabashed Chad Billingsley fan. I had some time and finally decided to scan the autos and relics of Bills I have in my collection, as well as a pair of rookies.

The first of my rookie autographs, and I'd love to one day put together this rainbow.

The final of my Bills' rookie autos, and I was stoked to land all three for good deals. The fact that two of these rookie sigs are on-card is just fantastic. Can't beat on-card, I sometimes say.

The rest of my Defiance, Ohio signatures. Now, we venture into relics territory.

And finally, the RCs.

I'm expecting a rebound from Bills in 2012, and I'm more than happy to have him as the Dodgers' # 2 starter. I have not added anything new to my Bills PC - in terms of autos or relics - in quite some time, so a new addition is certainly in order. Off to eBay!


  1. That's a pretty expensive PC--13 Bills! Nice stuff.

  2. I've got a few of those. I need to get more.

    I live in constant fear that Billingsley will be traded.

  3. That's pretty damn impressive.

    I think Bills has the potential to be a solid major league number two. He definitely has the build and the goods. In my opinion it's stamina that's holding him back. He always hits a wall around the sixth inning of his starts. He also is a much better pitcher in the first half of the season. 2012 is an important year for Chad,he'll have to fill that void Hiroki has left.

  4. stamina is a factor with bills, for sure. i always thought it was heart or low inner confidence,and i always hoped those things would come with maturity. (it's a similar feeling with ethier)
    seems up till now, the pitching coaches haven't been able to get him to fulfill his potential. hopefully they can find a way to get him to step up - CONSISTENTLY. this 2012 i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and expecting his breakout season.
    BTW - recently traded with kyle4kc (jabo) to get MY first bills auto.

  5. That's a lot of ink... nice collection!

  6. Dennis- Haha, touche good sir!

    Night Owl- You do indeed need to beef up your Bills PC! And yeah, I'm afraid they'll deal him away. If they get something great in return, fine, but it's Colletti....

    DB- Thanks! He's already easily a solid two, just inconsistent sometimes. Chad won't be filling Hiroki's void though. Capuano or Harang will, and fat chance that happens.

    Stealing Home- It's not heart or any of that junk haha. Plus, he had a "breakout" season in 2008 and his best season in 2010.

    Fuji- Gracias!