Friday, January 27, 2012

Trade Bait Card Draft, People Needed To Reel In Said Bait.

I'm only about the fiftieth person this year to hold one of these, but I've been collecting some bait for quite some time and decided this would be a fun way to go about dispersing it. I've set aside a mix of autos, relics, vintage, rookies, and some other randomness.

No, Erin Hawksworth will not be available to be the first overall pick (or any pick, unfortunately). But I know Blogger will make the above picture the picture that appears in people's blogrolls, so I figured what possible bait could be better to lure in drafters. Plus, I like Erin Hawksworth. If you didn't already know.

Here's the pertinent information. The bait I have consists of baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. Yes, all four of the major sports. That's just how I roll. I'm looking for 10-12 participants, and each spot in the draft will be $20, with shipping included. I'm not exactly sure how many rounds there will be, but it'll be at least 12, and I feel more comfortable in saying the participants will just draft until I run out of cards to give away. Obviously, the exact number of you guys and gals involved will also determine the rounds and number of cards. Payments will be made through PayPal - as a gift - to If you need to pay via another method, comment as you would normally and then e-mail me to set things up. I'm flexible in this regard, though PayPal is preferred and the easiest way to pay.

When paying, please leave the comment box and subject line empty. I have addresses for many of you, and I'll deal with that aspect as the draft progresses.

Those of you who have traded with me in the past know I strive to make every transaction an enjoyable and fulfilling one for both parties, and I intend to do the same with this draft. You won't be disappointed if you participate. Daddy will treat you right. That was only mildly creepy, I know. But hey, that's my middle name: Gregory "Mildly Creepy" Zakwin. The ladies love it. Well, they don't really love it, but I don't care. Bitches be crazy.

Anyhoo, in terms of the draft order, I think a randomized offering of all of the participants to give us our first round order is the fairest way. From there, each person moves down a spot in each subsequent round. So, if you're randomized as the first overall pick in round one, you'd then draft second in round two, third in round three, and so on, while the last person gets the first pick the second time around and so on and so on. Again though, I'm flexible with draft order, and am more than welcome to take your suggestions, particularly from those who have been in these sorts of drafts before. I aim to please.

The final point is how the cards will be presented. I've seen previous drafts group cards into rounds based on sport, auto, relic, etc etc. I've also seen everything listed up-front and a veritable free-for-all take place. I'd imagine people would prefer the latter, but let me know what you'd like and the majority will carry the day. My personal preference is just to have everything ready to go.

I'd ideally begin the draft at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week, so somewhere between February 2nd and February 6th. The exact date will be determined by how quickly I can get all of the cards scanned and ready to go.

Interested in grabbing a spot? Leave a comment and send your payment.

1. The Diamond King (PAID)
2. Spiegel (PAID)
3. jaybarkerfan (PAID)
4. Tunguska (PAID)
5. Brad's Blog (PAID)
6. Matt Perry (PAID)
7. Wicked Ortega (PAID)
8. Robert M. (PAID)
9. Justin's World (PAID)
10. GCA (PAID)
---------------- (if enough interest) ----------------


  1. I created a monster (lol). Sadly I can't be part of this one but I hope it goes well!

  2. I'll sign up, buddy. Is it all the cards that are currently in your trade bait page?

  3. Tim- You did indeed! haha

    TDK- Thanks!

    Spiegel- Gracias! Way way more than those haha.

    jbf- Thanks! Next week is great.

  4. What the heck, mark me down for a spot. This could be fun.

  5. Awesome Wes, thanks! We (ok, I) still need more people! If you guys know of ANYONE, let them know.

    And I mean ANY. ONE.

  6. I am interested in signing up. I can send the money over tomorrow night.

    Brad (the blog has not been created yet but I've enjoyed the few trades I've made so far)

  7. Brad's Blog- Awesome, thanks man! Tomorrow night works perfectly. I appreciate the participation!

  8. Money has been sent, make sure you got it.

  9. Greg, count me in...

    I'll email you today about it as well...

  10. Payment made, I'm in!!!
    Looking forward to this draft!!!

  11. What the heck, I'll make it ten!
    PP will come from QAPLAGCA at yahoo.

    PS Erin rocks!

  12. GCA- Thanks! Payment received!

    And Erin is indeed foxy!