Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trade With arpsmith: The Packers Should Be In The Super Bowl.

If their receivers had simply caught passes and not fumbled. I digress. I completed my first trade with Adam who - though he does not blog to my knowledge - is well-known around the card blogging world as arpsmith. I sent him a pair of Jeff Kent relics and after looking through his bait picked out a sweet hit that I'm thrilled to add to my collection.

RODGERS! It's my first hit of the Packers great, and the yellow swatch is just nails. I absolutely dig colorful jersey pieces, and this one is numbered 015/180. I did originally wonder if it was indeed a jersey piece or a piece of Packer pants, but the card says jersey, so I assume it came from one of Aaron's shoulders. It's got a bit of character on the left side, which is just gravy. Adam also sent along a handful of random Dodgers, and my favorite by far is the awesome Mike Piazza you see below, from 1996 Fleer Update.

Thanks for the great trade Adam! I look forward to more deals in the future!


  1. Glad you like the cards, thanks for the trade!

  2. sweet rodgers! hopefully the packers bounce back next year. they simply peaked at the wrong time.

  3. Adam- Thanks again!

    Fuji- I'd personally make them the favorites, not that being the favorite actually amounts to anything. Also, if receivers actually caught the ball....and they had a defense worth a damn.