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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Cheapest Gary Carter Rookie Card Ever.

I mentioned a while back that I was undertaking a little side project: putting together a Trifecta of Gary Carter. I already had a pinstriped relic in my collection, and was in no rush to pick up the other two needs. However, I don't pass up good deals when they appear in front of my face, and this was certainly a good deal.

Quad RC! That's somewhat dangerously close to floating heads territory. Condition-wise, this has been through the wringer. Rounded, soft corners? Check. Rough and frayed edges? Check. Writing on it? Check. Off-center? Majorly. Two things save this card, however, and made it a must add to my PC. First, the Carter portion has the least damage. A big plus. And second, it ran me just 89 cents plus $2.50 to ship it my way.

An easy eBay purchase. The auto will eventually come. And damn, the back of the card is almost as beautiful as the front.


  1. Is this the start of an ebay binge?

  2. I wonder how many people out there specifically collect ONLY heavily damaged cards? Imagine all the money you could save! You could say that all of the value is in its character. lol

  3. I landed a Gary Carter rookie at a show for $1, maybe it was $2, and in great shape. I still can't believe I got it that cheap, so sorry to burst your bubble. That's still one hell of a deal.

    Topher--I love heavily damaged vintage. I do in fact seek it out. And I think Dayf and many others may be in similar boats, partly for the deal and partly because damage gives character.

  4. I agree, it's character and price.

  5. Spiegel- Start? haha, I need to end this binge soon.

    topher- There's an entire blog devoted to heavy damage:


    Dhoff- Second cheapest then haha. And nice score!

    Baseball Dad- Character always matters, in cards and in life.

  6. Congratulations... that's an amazing steal of a deal. I'd like to build a trifecta myself and this is the last piece of the puzzle for me. Nice find.

  7. Thanks Fuji! Good luck tracking down a copy of your own!