Thursday, March 1, 2012

Knocking Off Another White Whale, Starring Ryan Getzlaf.

I think the term "White Whale" may have long ago jumped the shark on this here card blog of mine. After picking up my first White Whale, I've acquired a number of other cards that I've chosen to tag with that moniker. Perhaps not all should have been given that label, although each and every one of those cards was a big need for me and an equally big get when I was finally able to cross it off of my Most Wanted List. This newest pickup is no different, and is the latest of my whales to be poached from the sea and placed on a pedestal in my collection.

On-card baby....nice! Ryan Getzlaf is my favorite hockey player, and Panini Dominion is just an all-around amazing product, by far my favorite hockey release that I can recall. The above card is pretty much a match made in cardboard heaven for me. When I came across these on-card autographs and saw Getzy was on the checklist and donning the Captain's C, I knew I had to pick one up. After missing out on a number of them for between ten and fifteen bucks (getting sniped on one, completely whiffing on even bidding on a few others) I finally dug in and made sure the above, #'d 25/50, didn't slip by the wayside, snagging it for right around the price of a blaster.

It's by far the most prized Getzlaf card I own, and will proudly serve as the cornerstone of my Getzlaf Collection. The back mentions Ryan playing baseball as a kid and making it all the way to peewee nationals; it's a unique write-up, and a nice touch. I've decided to pick up every Getz Dominion auto or relic I come across that's reasonably priced and can be won without breaking the bank. Like the below, which looks oddly similar to the above.

Yeah, I picked up a second, and it's numbered 14/50 (one off of The Captain's number). It ran me just $12 shipped, and was a handful of dollars cheaper than the first one I landed. I wasn't lying when I said I love Dominion and want to pick up every Getzlaf hit from the product that I can get my hands on. This blog may become real Dominion-heavy in the future.


  1. That is a complicated-looking signature.

  2. Which is a good thing, nowadays.

  3. Haha, it is rather loopy, but I love it!

    I'm attempting to obtain as many of them as I possibly can.