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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A 1956 Topps Duke Snider, Well-Loved.

Beat-up vintage is just amazing. One, because it's vintage. And two, and perhaps most importantly, because it allows someone like me to pick up a great card that I would not ordinarily be able to afford. This is an example of that principle.

The bad boy above is just an amazing piece of artwork. It's well-loved, to say the least, but I'd rather own a 1956 Topps Duke Snider card than not own one. It ran me $9.50 delivered a while back from eBay. I'm really happy to finally own this card, and perhaps one day I'll upgrade.

Until then, it's just another successful eBay jaunt. An impulse buy, sure, but impulses aren't inherently bad.


  1. that card at 1/2 price of a blaster is a bargain. Which would you rather have, a 1950s HoF card or a dozen boring gold inserts?

  2. Awesome card. Totally worth every penny. Revel in the character of that card. Well-loved is a true collector's gold. Well, maybe a poor collecter's gold.

  3. It's funny...a 60 year old card that looks like that is "well-loved". A 60 day old card that looks like that is "beat to hell".

    All that aside, great pickup Greg. BTW, I have a Getzlaf relic you may be interested in. Let me know..

  4. deal- Not even a question, Duke 24/7, 365 haha.

    Dhoff- Topps is getting its way in 2012 because it's golden either way! Of course, I didn't buy a new Topps product, so maybe not so much what they'd want....

    Robert- That's a point I'd actually never thought of. And yes, interested in Captain Getz. I'll e-mail you.