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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trade With Bryan1121982: More Getzlaf Dominion, Eh? Eh Indeed.

Am I ever glad I joined SCF when I did. I came to the site looking to score some sweet Ryan Getzlaf cards, and the first trade I made did just that for me. It's my first trade with Bryan1121982, who posted some cards he was looking to move. Two jumped right out at me, and we quickly had a deal in place that netted me the below pair of awesomeness for just $16.

First up, yet another Ryan Getzlaf Dominion hit. Numbered 21/25, this sweet two-color patch has awesome texture to it, stitching, and it is just dying to escape the relic area. I will pick up any Getzlaf patch from Dominion for eight bucks; that price is right up my alley for some high-end goodness. Pretty sure this comes from the sleeve of the jersey, although I'm generally pretty terrible at deciphering a patch's origin.

Next up, Getzlaf's sometimes running mate, Bobby Ryan. Numbered 15/25 (I chuckled when I saw this, considering Getz dons number 15), we have another awesome two-color piece of patch, complete with stitching.

Thanks Bryan, I appreciate the deal!

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