Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trade With RoyFanDale: Straight Cash Homey. Oh, and More Draft Cards Added Plus First Dodgers Bobblehead of The Year!

I completed my first trade with RoyFanDale, whom I came across on the SCF hockey boards. He was in search of some Canucks cards, and eventually we worked out a deal for a lot of 13 hockey hits. In return, he sent me a nice chunk of change that went immediately towards a HUGE PC pickup that will debut in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the deal Dale! On a non-trade note, here are some more cards that will be available in the upcoming Card Draft Part Deux. Haven't done the updated math, but it's close to 35 cards per person, and it works out to less than a dollar per card for every entrant.

And finally, the Dodgers will give away the first of ten bobbleheads today, a dual featuring the 1962 NL Cy Young and MVP Award winners, Don Drysdale and Maury Wills. Tommy Davis will be signing autographs before the game, so if I can find something to get signed, I'll be hitting that up.

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