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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Best Time To Player Collect.

As a player collector, finding good deals is essential. They end up being the determiner in how complete I feel my collection of a particular player is at any given time. Deals aren't always there, but when they are, you have to pounce before the market flips and autos, patches, and other hits skyrocket. The time to make your move is when your favorite player is struggling, and consequently their cards have taken a dip in price. Two excellent case studies are two of my favorite players to watch, collect, and talk about: Matt Kemp and Ryan Getzlaf.

First, it should be noted prices don't always follow along a parallel path to performance. However, with Matty and Captain Getz, they have. Everybody knows by now that 2010 was Kemp's worst professional season. I wasn't collecting until the latter half of '10, so I can't speak to this, but I have to imagine his cards followed suit with his poor performance and bad luck, resulting in pretty darn affordable cardboard. Had I been collecting more heavily, and had I thought of it once I did collect, I would have jumped on every Kemp autograph I could have gotten my hands on, taking advantage of others selling short on The Bison's potential. My Kemp Collection, which I'm very proud of, would probably look different (and more thorough). Live and learn.

Ryan Getzlaf's 2011-2012 season mirrored Kemp's 2010, but my response has been much different. Matt Kemp taught me a lesson, and I've applied that knowledge to my Getzlaf PC. Getz just had his worst full season in the NHL, hitting post after post, missing the net by just a bit with frequency, and not performing up to the level he's capable of, particularly early in the campaign. While his cards haven't hit rock-bottom prices, there are great deals to be had all over the place for one of the game's elite. I have made sure to score many of these deals, because I have no doubt that Getzlaf's numbers will rebound in a major way when the '12-'13 season rolls around. And when that happens, I don't want to be in the position I've found myself in previously, regretting not picking up hits - especially those higher-end hits - when I could have obtained them at great, and sometimes even bargain, prices.


  1. This is a really great article. I collect Cam Fowler and it can be really tough at times to try and snag those higher end cards. Player collecting definitely requires some skill and the right timing!

  2. Thanks! And indeed, timing is HUGE.