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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brought To You By The Letter Z. Or A.

Another of these beauts is in my possession after the below nameplate piece was listed as a Buy-It-Now for a reasonable enough price. I think I must have gobbled it up within an hour of it being listed, if not within minutes. I have a price range of where I would want these to end up, and even though this was just above that, I couldn't possibly let a couple of George Washingtons stand between us.

Numbered 16/25 (oh, so very close to the holy grail), this is the middle to lower part of the "Z" in Getzlaf, if I'm not mistaken. Though it could be the middle of the "A" too. It would go well with another portion of the "Z" I landed a while back. It shall be enjoyed regardless. It's number five of the 25-card print-run for these Dominion Sapphire Patches that I've obtained, and a great addition to my Captain Getz PC.

Seriously though, please tell me if I'm mistaken.


  1. I think it is deinitely the "A". The bottom center of the swatch is slightly darker than the rest. It looks like the begining of the outer black plate. The "Z" would not have this feature in this area. Again, just my humble opinion.

    Sweet card either way.

  2. It's settled then.

    A it is, thanks guys!