Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 Free PC Items, Farewell My Tremendous LCS, LAST CALL FOR CARD DRAFT, A Card You Should Own, and Happy Father's Day.

I picked up some eBay winnings from my LCS's owner on Friday, and before leaving he handed me four random Dodgers. Two were base cards of my main guys Kemp and Kershaw that my collection was lacking, and I'm happy to add them, especially considering I love the 2012 Heritage design.

Unfortunately, my LCS owner also gave me bad news. He had to close down a few months ago due to exorbitant rent, and was hoping to find a location that would allow him to re-open. That won't be happening, unfortunately, and certainly not any time soon. I always considered myself extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic LCS and have it situated within a ten to fifteen minute drive. There is a vintage shop fairly close, but anything new is massively overpriced. No, I don't want to spend ten dollars or more on an Adam Morrison jersey swatch, thank you very much.

I needed to cut back on funds that were directed towards cards anyways, but I've already done that and intend to actually stick with it this time around. However, that was money towards eBay purchases, not a couple bucks a week at my LCS, which was just a great place to chill for an hour or two on top of being a great card shop with a great owner. They'll still occasionally have some items up on eBay, and I do still need a handful of cards one of the former employees has, but damn, that was a major buzzkill.

Hopefully he'll find a way to get back to pursuing his passion of owning a card shop. Fingers crossed.

The draft commences tomorrow, so here's the last call for participants. You won't regret joining.

Fuji's contest continues on, and this time he's asking what under five dollar card everyone should own. My answer is simple: Clayton Kershaw's 2009 Allen and Ginter card, # 53 in the set. I don't know it's BV off-hand, but it can be had for a few dollars online (here, if anyone is so inclined to grab it), and it's purely badass. Took me forever to get it but I was massively excited when I was finally able to add it to my Kid K PC. A great pose, the blue background matches Dodger Blue perfectly, and it's Clayton Kershaw. A winning combination indeed.

Happy Father's Day to all of you Dads out there.

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  1. Well if you ever feel like it, head down to Tarzana and hang out with me and mike at our LCS.