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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Embarrassed? Yes. Happy? Yes.

Fuji's latest contest question revolves around an embarrassing piece of memorabilia or related story we have. And by embarrassing, he means the price paid, the piece itself, or the story behind it. I'm going to stretch the definition of memorabilia here, but I find it's a relevant story nevertheless.

I own a Clayton Kershaw Dodgers t-shirt, and I very much enjoy wearing it. I picked it up a couple of years ago after he hit the show. Unfortunately, none of the stores in my neck of the woods had a Kersh shirt in-stock. They had plenty of Andruw Jones shirts and Jason Schmidt shirts, but nothing of a player who was actually good.

So, I had to resort to the unthinkable: buying said shirt from Dodger Stadium. After a game, my buddies and I swung by one of the shops set up outside of the stadium, and I found my Kid K shirt, complete with red number 22 on the front. I knew I had to have it, and knew I wouldn't find one locally for some time, because things that should be simple are often far too complicated. Remember, this was 2009/2010ish, smack dab in the McCourt era.

So naturally, the shirt was waaaaay overpriced.

But I bit anyways and picked it up.

$33 later and I still love wearing the shirt, but hate the price I paid, considering it would have been $16ish from a store in the nearby mall. Had they actually carried any.

Again, I'm happy to have the shirt, and I realize the price may have been the same at other stadiums. However, I'm still embarrassed to this day that I actually shelled out thirty-three bones to that crook Frank.

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  1. I just spent $28 on a Kurt Suzuki shirt... so I'm not that far behind.