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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My First Teemu Selanne (Cardboard) Autograph!

I stumbled upon an auction for six Teemu Selanne cards, including one featuring his John Hancock. The auto was from 1996-1997 Pinnacle Be A Player, and I wasn't even entirely sure of the legitimacy of said signature. But I was willing to put in one bid and take the risk.

Mainly because that risk only amount to a $5 bill, give or take a few cents. Featuring a young Teemu fresh off of a trade from Winnipeg to Anaheim, this sweet die-cut beauty comes equipped with an on-card autograph, the Flash in an All-Star sweater, and the old Mighty Ducks logo on his shoulder. For the price, it was well worth the risk, and I'm happy to finally have a Teemu signature on cardboard. The other five cards that came with it are below.

I'm only in need of a Teemu relic to complete the Trifecta. And a Paul Kariya auto to complete the symmetry.

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