Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Dodgers' FanFest Recap: Better Late Than Never.

Yeah, this happened way back on May 19th. After putting it off for so long, here's a quick recap. It was hot as hell, I had a cast on, and the line system was terrible. I picked up three autos while I was there. Here's the first, on what I was hoping would be a sweet-spot but in turn led me to classify this as a "team ball."

Thankfully Chad Billingsley is signed to a multi-year deal, so I'll have the opportunity to pick up a sweet-spot signature from one of my favorite Dodgers in the future, and hopefully get him to sign a handful of things, as he's long been one of my favorites.

The last two autos came from former Dodgers in Wes Parker and Sweet Lou Johnson, and found a nice place on my "Dodgers who played for a World Series winner mini-helmet." The mini-helmet, which I haven't focused on in any major way, is coming along quite nicely.

I got pretty close to Andre Ethier, A.J. Ellis, Kenley Jansen, and Tommy Lasorda, but due to line configuration and new signers coming to the tables, I missed out on all of them. I have a great item for Lasorda to sign, and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to meet him in the future and get him to sign it.

A quick shout-out to Spiegel and DodgerBobble, both of whom I met up with, and to my best friend for accompanying me and helping me out with my then one-handedness.


  1. Like you said better late than never. We'll have to do BP one of these days. All those guys are pretty accessible, except Tommy's grumpy fat ass.

  2. You should have showed off your great picture of you and Steiner. That photo is a classic.

  3. Most definitely DB! I start classes soon but I can find the time!

    Spiegel- Haha, I had completely forgotten about that picture. A classic indeed.