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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Koufax Auto Beckett Contest Results.

Yeah, that contest from a month ago. No official announcement has come out from Beckett, but I got smoked by almost 120,000 votes. I'd like to thank everyone that voted for me, spread the word, pimped the thank you contest I held. Though I did not win, the support was truly appreciated, and I'll get around to randoming the winner of a handful of random cards soon-ish. I'm working on getting out the rest of my draft break packages, so after that I'll get to the contest results. Speaking of Koufax, I picked this up last night from a truly boring Dodgers' game.

One day, I'll acquire that elusive Sandy signature. One day.


  1. That sucks that you lost. fwiw, I voted. At least the bobble head is cool.

  2. Yeah man, sorry that Olds doesn't want to be emailed about how unfair his stupid "contest" is. He's too busy trying to sell Rosebud Frozen Peas, I guess.


  3. Hey Greg send me your address bradparsons565(at)hotmail.com I'll send you a little something.