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Friday, September 7, 2012

Colored Chicle.

National Chicle is a beautiful set, and the Chrome Chicle refractors are a thing of beauty. I've fortunately been able to add a pair of short-printed babes to my Russ Martin Collection recently, and combined, both ran me roughly half a blaster. Neither scan does either card justice, as chrome-y refractor cards with a ton of bend are extremely difficult to scan. Even when you keep them in toploaders.

First up, the red refractor, and it's numbered 20/25. The red looks absolutely stunning, and I'm so happy to have added it to my PC of the former Dodgers' backstop. The mark in the top right corner is on the penny sleeve, not the card.

The second pickup is the equally awesome gold refractor. Numbered out of 50 (11/50), the color scheme is just fantastic, and both of these additions are just nails in terms of design, look, and color.


  1. Great cards, the scans turned out quite well.

    Chicle will be one of those sets that I end up trying to complete in oh, 5-10 years from now...

  2. thanks Robert! and yeah, same here.

    one day....

  3. I kind of miss this set. It was one of the sets that I started buying when I got back into the hobby in 2010.