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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glacially Graphing Getzlaf.

I've been after an '08-'09 UD Glacial Graphs signature of Ryan Getzlaf for a long time. The set is based in a really cool concept, as the players signed acetate and, most importantly, signed it on-card. After a long wait, I was finally able to land an affordable copy.

For just $6.25 delivered, the newest addition to my Captain Getz PC is one I'm absolutely thrilled to finally hold in my hands. The scan, as I find myself saying time and time again, doesn't do this beauty enough justice.

Acetate is just really, really cool.


  1. That Getzlaf is one piece of ACE(tate)!

  2. Glacial Graphs are easily on of the best autograph sets ever.

    The cards are beauties, the checklists are pretty solid, and they're relatively easy to obtain right now. Thinking about picking one up right now, actually...

  3. haha, thanks gents!

    and welcome back Roy-Z! good luck grabbing a Glacial Graph!

  4. Haha thanks!

    And guess what? I grabbed myself a Matt Stajan Glcial Graphs from COMC for $3.33.