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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Going Backstage At The Best Concert I've Ever Been To: Turquoise Jeep!

I had the pleasure of seeing Turquoise Jeep live at The Roxy Friday night, and holy crap was it ever amazingly awesome and mind-blowingly sweet. I could write forever and ever about my experience, but I'll keep it short and simple.

Just prior to the guys going on-stage, I had a shock when they called my name as a contest winner. I hadn't even realized I was entered on time, and next thing I know I'm backstage and meeting Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, Pretty Raheem, Whatchyamacallit, and Tummiscratch. My buddy Danny and I got to take pictures with them and chill for a few minutes, and then it was back to about "row" five for the concert of my life.

They played all of my favorites - minus two which they can't play because the member of the group that sings them suffers from stage fright and doesn't tour with them - and before heading off they told the crowd of about 150ish that they would stay and sign every autograph and take pictures with anyone who wanted one.

I took the opportunity to buy a hat and get the guys to sign it, thank them yet again for coming, and take one last picture with Floss. Now, it's just a matter of finding some way to both protect said autographed hat while displaying it for the world to see and enjoy. We met some awesome Jeep Riders and had an incredible night overall. I can't wait for Turquoise Jeep to come back to LA. They are some of the nicest guys I've ever met, period.

Tummiscratch, Flynt Flossy

Whatchyamacallit, Pretty Raheem, Yung Humma

It was such a memorable and momentous night that I'm going to do something I've never done on this blog: post a picture of myself. There is a picture of me floating around on a blog or two from the infamous Matt Kemp Dinner signing, and yes, that is in fact me jokingly pretending to ask The Bison to marry me. But I myself haven't confirmed my super duper secret identity until now.

I'm the guy in the middle. A Lady Tamer. And a Chef too.


[All above videos and pictures courtesy of the smangin' Greg Zakwin]

If you're unfamiliar with Turquoise Jeep, watch below and enjoy.


  1. All I can say is we have different tastes in music. Well, that isn't true. I can also say that I scored a serial numbered Carlos Santana (16/50) in a box of 2009 Tristar Obak I bought recently. Interested?

  2. haha, yes, I am interested. e-mail coming.