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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trade With Sports Cards Ate My Brain: A Potpourri of Dodgers' Relics.

I completed my second trade with Scott from Sports Cards Ate My Brain. I requested an Adrian Beltre hit as part of a future trade, and Scott sent it over with some contest winnings I had coming my way. He tossed in a few other goodies I wasn't expecting, so I must keep my eyes open for stuff to send back.

The card I was most interested in. Numbered 029/250, it's just my second or third Beltre relic. It's most definitely a keeper. I really like the red hue the card sports. Oh, and it took me a while to realize this, but it's an eBay 1/1, as Beltre wore number 29. Archer woooooo!

Next up, a card I've already promised to Arno from I'm Ballsy. I'm sure the Nomo relic will find a good home with him.

Another piece of bait that has yet to be promised to anyone. The Oliver, featuring bat and jersey pieces, is numbered 031/100. The jersey swatch happens to have a couple of lines of stitching.

And finally, a Tommy Lasorda Manupatch. I have plans for this already. Needless to say, it will end up with somebody at some point this year.

Thanks for another great trade Scott! I'll get something sent your way as soon as I can come up with something to send your way.

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