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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When The Captain Was Young, But Still Ultimate.

I was able to land another fantastic addition to my Ryan Getzlaf PC for a song. I sometimes can't believe the great deals to be had, and am just thankful to the Cardboard Gods and eBay for my good fortune in the Captain Getz department.

Numbered 48/50, it's a dual relic/auto from 2007-2008 UD Ultimate Collection. It was had for a paltry $5.57 delivered. The signature is both big and on-card, which is just the cherry on top. And again, that price is just unfathomable, to an extent. The swatches have that teal/eggplant color that makes me think Mighty Ducks' sweater, but it doesn't really matter in the end.


  1. Wow, nice-looking card AND cheap! Not to mention one of your favorite players. WINNING

  2. Another awesome grab for you, man.

  3. DAMN! That is an amazing price for that card, nice work!

  4. Did you get a 12-13 Artifacts base card of Getzlaf yet? If not, I've got you covered.

  5. I didn't know Getzlaf ever wore the black/purple/green...or is it an alternate/throwback?

    Either way, $5.57 delivered for that is totally money.

  6. I REALLY need to find me a nobody to player collect so I can find killer deals like this. Not to say Getzlaf is a nobody, but the guys I want are way out of my price range.

  7. gracias gents!

    Dennis- WINNING indeed.

    Matt- Thanks!

    sbl- Still shocked it sold for so little, but stoked all the same!

    Scott- Mr. Wilk has me covered there. Thanks for thinking of me though!

    Roy- He got in 57 games in the club's last season as the Mighty Ducks, so I assume it's from then.

    Jeff- GETZLAF IS ELITE! I will not hear such nonsense about my guy! haha, seriously though, I'm always surprised and thankful to get such great deals on his cards.

    And you should PC one of the younger Hawks. Get in on the ground floor.