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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Kevin Love 2008-2009 Bowman Rookie Card Bathed in Blue.

One of the cards I've had my eye on for the longest time is Kevin Love's 2008-2009 Bowman RC Blue Parallel /499. I love everything about his '08-'09 Bowman RC, and as both Love and I are graduates of UCLA, the addition of the blue makes this a card I just had to own. Prices were too high for my liking, and with 499 copies in existence, I was confident that one day one lonely copy would find its way to me.

That day finally came when the above - numbered 367/499 - was had for just $7.17. Love unfortunately broke his hand and will be out until December. He's a perennial MVP candidate on a terrific young and up-and-coming team. What remains in my collecting quest of him is to acquire an auto & a plate. One day, in time.

The card pairs exceptionally well with the orange parallel /299 that I already own. I strongly prefer the blue for every imaginable reason, with aesthetics and my love of all things blue of course being paramount.


  1. I clicked this link thinking I would see a hockey card I never heard of before....boy am I ignorant!

  2. Haha, sometimes I switch it up. It isn't Getzlaf all the time!

    Just a lot of the time.

  3. Nice Love. Bummer to hear about that injury. The Wolves will surely miss his presence on the court.