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Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Still Collecting Jerry Sands.

I'm a huge Jerry Sands fan, which is no secret if you've followed along here long enough. Even with his trade to the Boston Red Sox in a deal that brought Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to LA, I've not given up on collecting Sands' cardboard, especially his Dodgers' hits.

The latest I acquired is one I had been after for ages. Sands has the above signature in 2011 TriStar Pursuit, and I was constantly getting outbid on them before moving on for a bit. The above eventually popped, and I was able to snag it for a great price, which turned out to be even better when the card arrived and I realized it was the blue parallel numbered out of 50 (34/50). The auction also included the below four rookie cards.

Overall, I'm pleased with the pickup. More pleased than I am with the fact that Jerry is no longer around.


  1. How many Sands are out there? I have one, from '11 Topps Update (of course, it's your's if you need it.)

  2. I have a Tristar Sands Auto /111 if you are trying to track down all the versions. Let me know.

  3. Nice pick up. Where do u get most of ur cards? Newcombe does look great. Thank u

  4. Roy- Not a ton, mostly stuff from late last year and this year in terms of "official pro" cards.

    Plus a good amount of minor league stuff. I think I have the Update RC but if I don't and we ever trade and I'd love it.

    Adam- I'd love to deal for it! If you wouldn't mind setting it aside for me....

    Matthew- Thanks! eBay mostly, trades as well, and my old LCS had great deals. Some call me an eBay Master haha.