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Friday, November 30, 2012

Minor Martin.

I scored a minor league autograph of Russell Martin recently, which fulfills two of the most basic requirements - of the handful of requirements I try to meet - cards need to have for me to acquire them: it's a Russ I didn't own, and it's a minor league issue.

I love me some minor league cards. Probably more than I like rookie cards. Anyways, it's from 2005 Just Minors "Just Stars" and checks in at just under half a blaster. It was more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn't remember running across another copy, and I have a parallel version of the autograph - Silver, #'d /100 - so I couldn't live with myself had I let it remain lonely.

I soon thereafter came across the base version of the card, and scooped it up as well for some pocket change. I somehow forgot to bid on the 1/1 Autographed Glossy Version that randomly popped up on eBay, and I'm still upset with myself over that. Hopefully it reappears down the road.

Rainbows are fun.

And stressful.

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