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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The World vs. My Ryan Getzlaf Collection.

Another day, another Ryan Getzlaf card and autograph to show all of you die-hard hockey fans. This particular auto was always a bit out of my range, but I was finally fortunate enough to score a very affordable copy for decently under half a blaster.

A beaut, eh? From 2010-2011 In The Game's Canada Vs. The World set, the back of the card commemorates Getz's international success, including his strong play in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The card features one of the most amazing sticker autos I've ever run across. Even though I'm positive it is in fact a sticker, each time I look at the card, it gives me pause, as it's exceedingly difficult to see any part of the sticker. Kudos to Brian Price and his team.


  1. Nice card! That's definitely one reason I don't complain about sticker autos too often--sometimes the companies do a pretty good job of blending them in so you can barely tell they're there at all.

    Topps probably thinks that's too subtle and would rather produce a sticker with tiny neon lights around it in the form of arrows that point to the sticker and say "STICKER."

  2. I've always appreciated the effort that ITG takes to mask the fact that their sticker autos are stickers.

    That's a great looking card you got there. Getzlaf did have strong play in 2010. Crosby, on the other hand, had relatively weak play, until that one goal at the very end. But whatever.

  3. Thanks gents!

    Dennis- Haha, that would be hilarious.

    Matt- I dare say Getz was better than Crosby. The horror of such an assertion haha.