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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Joe Thornton On-Card Auto For Pennies On The Dollar.

While I usually attempt to stick to my player collections and set needs as much as I can, I often fail and stray towards cards that I simply find attractive for whatever the reason. That's especially true when it comes to dirt cheap hits, and dirt cheap hits of future Hall of Famers, no less.

The above Joe Thornton on-card auto fits that bill perfectly. Hailing from 1997-1998 Score Board '97 Visions Signings, it was had for an unbelievably low 99 cent opening bid plus two bucks to ship it my way. I get that it's a minor league auto and from a product and company I've never heard of, but Thornton is a lock to make the Hall when he hangs up the skates, and it's on-card. Even though Thornton is not a guy I collect - and he plays for the rival Sharks - it was an easy pickup, as I respect his game and skill set.


  1. Nice find... I never truly appreciated Thornton until he arrived in San Jose. The guy makes everyone around him better. Who else can turn Jonathan Cheechoo into a 50 goal scorer?

  2. thanks! yeah, Thornton gets a bad rap. hell, he kept Cheechoo in the league basically haha.