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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Finally Own Shawn Marion's Auto!

While that may not seem like all that big of an accomplishment, Shawn Marion is my favorite basketball player, tied with Steve Nash and just ahead of LeBron James. I've wanted an auto of his for a long time, and I was very recently able to cross that need off of my Card Bucket List.

For the low Buy-It-Now price of $3.94 shipped I picked up this sweet on-card John Hancock from 2003-2004 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives. The Matrix doesn't have much in the way of a signature, but I don't care. His autograph is an important piece to my collection that I was without, and I'm stoked to have finally righted that wrong while not breaking the bank.


  1. Wow, nice. Rarely see his autos.

  2. Nice pick-up at a great price! I'm a Suns fan here in Phoenix and Marion was always one of my favorite players to watch. He had an awkward looking shot but he was athletic!

  3. thanks guys!

    Arno- yup and thankfully they're very affordable haha.

    dkw- loved that he was a do-everything guy!