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Friday, December 28, 2012

My First Two Corey Seager Autos

I've finally completed a Trifecta for Corey Seager, the Dodgers' first round pick in the 2012 Draft. I was happy when Ned Colletti and his staff made the decision to draft the shortstop/third baseman - see, I don't always hate on Uncle Ned - and I've begun a thus far modest collection of the young Blue Crew member.

Though Seager finally has a couple of Dodgers' autos, they've been beyond what I'm willing to pay, so for now I'm left with unlicensed signatures, which I have no problem with. The first I acquired is the above auto from 2012 Leaf Valiant. On-card easily cancels out any unlicensed negatives, though again, I love minor league autos and unlicensed stuff to begin with.

My other Seager John Hancock is this sweet 2012 Leaf Metal Draft base sig. Again, you can't beat the on-card aspect. The pair ran me less than half a blaster. I'll definitely pick up his first certified and official rookie autos at some point, but the prices need to drop before that can happen.

The rest of the Trifecta can be seen above and below this sentence.


  1. Nice, dude! I've been trying to get my hands on a Seager auto. I managed to score Jesmuel Valentin and Yasiel Puig autos recently.

  2. Nice job Greg! I'm working on getting a signed Seager ball right now.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Arno- I've been after Puig as well, no luck so far. Also, saw your DM and I'll check it out.

    DB- I'd love to get my hands on a Seager sweet-spot as well.