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Monday, December 10, 2012

Trade With Habitforming: Ryan Getzlaf Dominion FOREVER, Because Why Not (My 200th Trade!)

I completed my first trade with Matt, who goes by the name Habitforming on the SCF boards. Matt let me know of a card he had that would fit extremely well in my collection, but we could never work out a deal in either cards or cash. I hadn't heard from him in a long time, but eventually he had the card back up and available. I sent him a cash offer and thankfully he accepted.

Numbered 14/25, it's yet another sweet patch in my pursuit of all 25 Getzlaf patches from the inaugural release of Panini's high-end Dominion product (I now have 12 of the 25 in existence). What makes this particular patch really interesting, beyond how long it took me to acquire it, is the serial-numbering. Why is that interesting? I already have one in my collection that sports the 14/25 designation.

I'm going to inquire with Panini about this, as clearly one of the two was stamped incorrectly during the processing journey. I assume it's the newer one that entered my collection, and I am also going out on a limb and guessing that it should have received the "15/25" stamp. Which would be totally awesome. (Sadly, after checking with Panini, there is nothing incorrect about the serial-numbers, as there are actually 25 of EACH of the different patch versions for Getzlaf). My journey to acquire all 25 just became lifelong.

Matt also threw in a Getz BAP auto, which is number two of this card for my Getz PC and I. I'm always happy to add a duplicate hit, particularly when it comes as a freebie throw-in. Oh, and as noted in the title, this is trade # 200 for me. Damn.

Thanks for the great deal Matt!

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