Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Golden Beginning To Another Year of Getzlaf Dominion Chasing.

My love for '10-'11 Panini Dominion is no secret as I pump out post after post featuring my all-time favorite hockey product. While no hockey release will ever overtake it in my mind, there are others I enjoy, including '11-'12 Dominion. It helps that Ryan Getzlaf has cards in that product.

My first posted addition from the second year of Dominion is this sweeeeet Gold Base Parallel /25. I snagged this copy - numbered 06/25 - for the low, low price of just 99 cents plus shipping. It's a most welcome addition to my Captain Getz PC.

Though I much prefer the design of last year's Dominion (I'm voting horizontal over vertical every time for this particular high-end release, although this year's design is growing on me), I actually like the backs of this year's version better than the inaugural backs. The white backdrop with a solidly-sized gray box is a fantastic combination. Kudos to Panini for improving the product on that front, so to speak.

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